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Natural apple juice

Our apple juice is a unique, natural product made from the apples of the Sandomierz region – it is a naturally cloudy, 100% apple juice with refined taste and aroma of fresh, ripe apples, made by cold-pressed fresh fruit using a modern and rarely applied technology. Made this way, the juice does not contain any water, sugar, dye, or preservative additions. Moreover, the apples used to make the juice are always carefully selected with respect to maximum permissible concentration of solutions used in their production.

It is a 100% natural juice made of fresh apples. After pressing, the juice is mildly pasteurized for extended shelf life, maintaining, however, nearly all vitamins and nutrients of a fresh apple. Our juices are packed in 3-liter BAG-IN-BOX packages consisting of cardboard boxes and flexible containers with dispensers which do not let air back inside.

A juice produced this way has a 12-month shelf life. When pouring out juice, the flexible bag containing the juice shrinks, preventing air from coming in.

This solution helps to maintain vacuum inside the container, which allows the juice to stay fresh for 14 days after it is opened, provided that the dispenser is always flooded with juice.

Natritional value in 100 ml of juice



136,98 – 166,4  kJ

32 – 39,8 kcal






8 – 9,86g

Dietary fiber


Nutritional value and energy are depended on the time of year and the variety of raw materials. The table above shows the average figures.

The juice should be stored in a dry and dark place at a temperature of between + 36 and +61 degrees Fahrenheit. When the packaging is opened, the juice should be consumed within 14 days. In case the air gets inside the box, the juice must be consumed within 12 hours.

The production of healthy natural foods has a bright future. Natural food is becoming more popular and increasingly sought-after commodity. Nowadays, the public awareness and media are focusing on healthy eating. More and more often people are turning to healthy and natural foods, since it is a guarantee for them and their children for better health and serene old age.

We are directing our offer to the trade networks because it reacts very dynamically to any needs that clients have. The production of Sad Sandomierski juice by our company for the commercial network will be followed by comprehensive benefits. Firstly for customers -they will be able to acquire an exclusive healthy food at a attractive price. Secondly, for the trade network and for the SAD Sandomierski company, which will manufacture and distribute this product, they will fulfill the social and economic missions and therefore will be investing in perfect natural food segment market, which from year to year is playing an increasingly important role.


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