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News >> Award - Winning apple juices

Juice of the Sad Sandomierski company became a Winner of the competition 23.09.2015


Sad Sandomierski Ltd became a Winner of the ”EXEMPLARY COMPANY” competition. The contest was carried out under the auspices of Minister of Economy, the Marshall of the Świętokrzyskie Province and the Governor of the Świętokrzyskie Province, and its mission is to promote the best companies in Świętokrzyskie Province.

All-Polish Promotional "Appreciate the Polish" Program

Sad Sandomierski Ltd is one of the winners of the audit of the food of the All-Polish Promotional "Appreciate the Polish" Program. Natural apple juice of this manufacturer was awarded a certificate "Appreciate the Polish" was awarded as TOP PRODUCT. Awards were granted based on assessments granted the food by experts from the food industry. Honorary patron of the "Appreciate the Polish" program is Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

AgroLiga 2013

On the 1st April 2014 year, the company Sad Sandomierski Spółka z o.o. was awarded with the title of a country vice champion in the AgroLiga 2013 contest, in the "Company” category. The competition has two stages: regional and national. The awards are given in two categories: "Agricultural enterprise" and "Company".

Natural Apple Juice

Our apple juice is the Winner of „Best regional food of świętokrzyskie Voivodship” competition.

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